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[Elsword MMD] WIP
Ty IndigoSW/Caite for helping me get his files > ~ <
Texturing is really fun right now! (I mean it)

How does this look?
Finally got my first full Elsword MMD up!
I believe that there are many people that would like to start making Elsword MMDs but always run into common errors. So I'll list some solutions and answers to questions.
There will be nothing about fixing or making bone structure because I dont make my own! If theres anything I missed, I hope you can tell/ask me.

This list will be updated every once in awhile so yea...
Last time I updated: 2/15/2017

Encrypted Files
The largest problem is that Elswords files are now encrypted. Meaning you can't really open the files in any other program but Elsword. (And that means that there will be less new Elsword MMD peoples) As of right now, I haven't seen anyone from the Elsword MMDC find a solution for this. 

So the solution to this is that you find someone with the older, extractable files and ask them for the files.
(Don't ask people who are uncomfortable with distributing files!)
Remember that distributing Elswords files is against the game policy!…

Importing Problems
There are some versions of PMX (Usually the English versions) that cannot import specific files. For importing files, I use PMX/PMD Editor 0139. Also, not all files are importable! Especially NPCs, some pets, mounts, etc..

Importing .y files
Whenever you import .y files, they don't show up in MMD. Easy solution! You go into the models files and delete the 'y' at the end of the file name, and then change it to 'x' so it then becomes .x. And then try importing it.


Mesh_Raven_AC_Upbody_81465_Sorted.x (Just change the file name)

Easier way to look for textures
If you individually click each texture and keep doing that till you find what you want, you're insane.
Go download a program that allows you to quickly scroll through all the models files such as IRFANVIEW. It'll save your life! If this program looks too fishy for you, find one that works properly and suits you, but thats what I use.

Finding the files you want
Theres no real easy way to find what you want. But this might help narrow things down.

Mesh_Male_Cash_(bodypart+number) are usually male costume suits.
Mesh_Female_Cash_(bodypart+number) will be most female costume suits.
Mesh_(Character)_Cash_(bodypart+number) will be any item mall set.
Mesh_(Character)_Ed_(bodypart) would be any dungeon set, excluding SDs.
(Character)_Custom_Face_Cash(Number+Expression) would be an item mall face customization.
Mesh_(Character)_Event_(bodypart+number) would be any Ice Burner set.
Mesh_(Character)_Set_VP_(bodypart+number) would be any Secret Dungeon set.
Most Item Mall accessories are in data016. The Ice Burner accessories would mainly be in the character files.

These just narrow down what you have to look for.

Remember to use your search bar too! When I'm usually look for a mount, for example Maru..
I would search up Maru, or cat.
The file you want may appear! 

Too dark/light textures
When you first import the model in the editor, the textures will look too dark like this: (Textures look too dark)

But when you open them in MMD, they would usually turn out like this: (Very bright)

The solution to this is you select all the textures from the Elsword model from this:

And change the values to something else. I usually use these numbers:

Broken Textures
Sometimes, we run across textures that look like this:
To fix this, you remove the alpha channel.Get a program such as Photoshop/Gimp and save the file as a 16 bit TGA and then it should look A-OK! This is also the reason why there are few YR/SD mmds, the textures are broken.

White Textures
Sometimes your model may be completely white.
Make sure your model and texture files are in the same folder!
Or it may be because the program is looking for the wrong texture name! To change the textures, look below.

Changing the Textures
Lets say for example, you wanted to use a costume like the wedding dress, but you want the blue one instead of the original. Or anything like that. All you have to do is take the texture file that you want, and place it in your models folder, and then individually rename the right texture to the version that you like.

Example: (The original upperbody texture in the editor Mesh_Female_Cash_Upbody860_Body01.tga) (Now renamed to the new texture Mesh_Female_Cash_Upbody860A_Body01.tga)

The outcome:
If done correctly, your new texture should be there. If you typed in the texture name wrong, or did not add the texture to the models folder, the texture will be a solid white.

Using Face Textures for a Texture Slider (Long explanation ahead)
We never get to use all the facial textures provided in game. Creating a texture slider will help you create facial "morphs". Before we start I'll show you the end result:
When the slider is pulled slowly, you can see the textures change awkwardly. When the slider is pulled quickly, it acts as a normal blinking morph.

So to begin, look for the textures you want. For blink you'll need the original face texture with the eyes wide open, then the texture with the eyes semi closed, and then the texture with the eyes completely closed. Place all three in the folder where your model is.

Making the blinking expression:

Open your editor and go to the materials tab. Right click the face's material. You'll want to go to Copy Material Parts (P) and Copy Face Parts (F). (Like that).The new material should be at the bottom of the list. You can rename the material's name if it helps. Now click the new material, and change the texture name to the new texture you want (the one where the eyes are semi closed). Now go to the opaque tab, and change the value from 1 to 0, this will make the entire material invisible. (This is where the opaque tab is)

Repeat above for the next texture (the one where the eyes are closed)
You will not need to do so for the original texture (eyes are open) because the original face already uses it.
So you should have three face materials now.
1. Original face.
2. Semi closed eyes.
3. Closed eyes.

Now go to the morph tab. (Sixth tab)
Right click the list and press New (N), and Material (M)
Go to the smaller list/box. Right click it, press Add (P)

Change the target to the number of the material on the material list. (For the semi open eyes) (The material number of the semi-closed eyes for me is 6, so I'll change the target number to 6 in the morph tab)

Click edit, at the bottom right of the morph tab. You'll want to click add, click the "all zeroes" button, and then change the opaque back to 1. (Changing opaque back to one will allow you to see the material again, but only when used in the slider.) (Edit button and what's checked off on the list)

Repeat steps from the bolded line two paragraphs above for the next texture (closed eyes). Make sure you're clicking the smaller list.

You should now have one facial morph with two offsets in the tiny list.
Your slider should now work when you test it, but you should change the panel to eye (blue colored

You can do the same steps for the mouth expression, except you'll probably need to separate the lower half of the face from the top half. 

If you got lost, just comment below for help! I tried not to make it confusing..

Making smooth hair physics
If you're extremely new to MMD, you probably don't know what physics are MMD-wise. Physics are added to a model to move anything other than the body parts - more commonly the hair, and skirt materials.

This tutorial by Pizlo: [link] (Thank you for allowing me to use this!)
Will teach show you how to make hair physics using the skirt plugin. This tutorial is not voiced over and has no subtitles so it isn't recommended for beginners. If you're experienced, you'll understand this tutorial just by watching it. I think this is a great method for making a bit more advanced physics for hair. 

Re-Posing Models
If you ever finish a model and load a motion into it, it should be a little off. To fix this you have to re-pose your model. From having the arms perfectly straight, to something like this: (Shoulders and arms lowered a bit)

(Model by MMD Arts)  [MMD] Elesis Confeiteira Download ! by MMDArts

To do this, go open your finished model go to transform view, and move the bones to the pose that looks right to you. Theres no right way to do this, its a trial and error thing that can be fixed. When you're done posing, go to
file (F) and press click this:

(Make sure your editor is capable of doing this! Sometimes it doesn't work and you have to start again)
Hopefully your model will looks less awkward when dancing to the motion. Just make sure you save your T-Posed model with a different model so you can always go back to the original if you want to retry.

T-Posing models
If you ever find yourself with an NPC/boss monster/summon, chances are that they are posed and must be T-Posed. Like this:
There are three ways to do this: 

1. Pull each models vertices until the model is T-Posed (Takes a long time)

2. Follow this awesome tutorial  Elsword MMD - T Posing Tutorial by queen-valby queenval!
(Note this doesn't work for all models)

3. Download one from my gallery! I have a few done. (Just note me if you want it)

Bone Structure
As I said above, I do not make my own bone structure. It is easier to use the bone structure of another model. Just make sure you delete all unneeded materials/bones/joints/physics and that whether you're allowed to "edit" the model or not. And then just weight the new materials to the bone.

Making facials
Yes, you have to make these yourself. Please. Don't steal from any other person from the Elsword MMDC, these take a lot of work to perfect.
You can make facials like this [PMDE] Adding Expression Sliders to Game Rips (Very easy but less fluent facials)

Or follow my tutorial which sucks:  [Elsword MMD] My way of making facials..?! by CreditKOG (difficult, more fluent facials)

Hope this helped you! Good luck!
All models in this tutorial belong to the game Elsword, owned by KOG.
Models ripped from the game by me, except for the Elesis.
  • Listening to: Weeb Music
[WIP] Oberon T-Posing
Been working on this for a bit after my guildie gave me a great idea for an MMD with a relatively short motion too!
I'll try to have this MMD up ><"  
Going to make a CEM for sure and possibly Ophelia for this project..
Thanks a lot from a friend from the MMDC for the textures.. >< (TY SO MUCH)
Won't be distrbuting Oberon for my own reasons, but likely will be distributing the CEM...?
NoPromises (Sorry!)
I know it looks bad (not using mirroring ;; but IM TRYING K 
Miuna Crying Icon 

Material extracted from the game Elsword.
Oberon belongs to KOG.
I own nothing (ImTPosingButOberonDoesNotBelongToMe)


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